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Discover how the estate of a deceased CPA turned their forced sale of an accounting practice into a maximum value sale . . . at a significant premium for $210,000 more cash at closing after utilizing our strategies and techniques . . . in comparison to the best offer they had previously received for the sale of their CPA practice . . .

This highly informative Case Study (of actual events) is in the form of a notarized letter we received from Rebecca Richardson-Blanchard written on behalf of the Estate of Thomas W. Richardson, CPA, Deceased.

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is a national merger and acquisition consulting firm specializing exclusively in the promotion and sale of accounting practices, tax consulting businesses, and CPA firms. If you desire to buy or sell an accounting firm, we achieve proven results that can help you attain even your most ambitious goals and desires. Whether you are a sole practitioner, small partnership, or large regional firm . . . Accounting Broker is the catalyst to enable your new future . . .

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is the only national business brokerage of its type comprised 100-percent of brokers who are CPAs with significant “Big Four” merger and acquisition experience. We have overwhelming proof that these strategies can help you achieve maximum value when you sell your accounting firm.

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The Estate of Thomas W. Richardson, CPA, Deceased
1110 West Shore, Suite B
Richardson, Texas 75080

Wolves at the Door: We Turned Our “Forced Sale” into a “Virtual Bidding War” of Offers

Dear Fellow Accountant:

It is Spring. My brother Thomas W. Richardson, CPA, has passed away.

My mother and I have been thrown into the affairs of settling my brother’s estate. We are two strong women who are now desperate to sell an accounting firm . . . a firm that has been in our family for over 50 years.

We were shocked . . . our 50-Year-Old Firm was selling for “Pennies On the Dollar!” We made a painful effort to sell the firm on our own that ended in one offer with $20,000 down and an earn-out provision . . . a ridiculous earn-out! Most of the selling price was to be “paid” in contingent payments tied to client retention for the next five years. We almost accepted that offer, but something was just not right. The wolves were at the door . . . they wanted all the risk on our shoulders. Were the stories true of earn-outs resulting in “pay-outs” of only “pennies on the dollar?” Are they trying to steal our clients? Was this our only option?

It was impossible to go through another tax season. It was now almost September. I was expecting a baby in late December. We could not even issue the compilation reports being requested by our clients . . . my brother Tom was our only CPA . . . until he passed away.

Was it too late for any of the national business brokers who “specialize in selling accounting firms” to help us? We called to find out. These brokers used the words: “Forced Sale Situation,” “It’s Getting Late in the Year,” and “SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT!” They said to “expect no more than $125,000 to $150,000” for our 50-year-old firm!

We Were Devastated! “GIVING AWAY YOUR FIRM” is not my definition of “GETTING TOP DOLLAR!” Were these brokers relying too much on their web sites to sell their listings? Or, did they want to sell our firm at a “DISCOUNT” to compensate for their personal inability to negotiate a better deal? The market appeared to be flooded with CPAs claiming to be business brokers. . . but achieving maximum value ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES expert sales and negotiating skills! And just how many CPAs have you met who are phenomenal salespeople? Will a franchise agreement and a “broker’s hat” make an immediate and dramatic change in their ability? We saw the “quantity” of listings on their web sites, but where was the “quality” in their ability to sell for “top dollar?” They gave us nothing more than cookie-cutter answers for our DILEMMA OF A LIFETIME!

We called our attorney . . . desperate . . . out of options and time . . . He immediately referred us to Accounting Broker Acquisition Group ( We spoke with Harry L. Olson, CPA. We were impressed with his “Big Four Public Accounting Background” (with many Fortune 500 Clients) combined with many years of high profile sales and negotiating experience. Mr. Olson has achieved many millions of dollars in sales over the course of his career. He utilizes highly specialized sales and negotiating techniques . . . techniques he has developed, fine-tuned, and refined . . . to achieve maximum value when you sell your firm. We were relieved . . . this was the right person and company to help us.

When Mr. Olson says he has “Qualified Buyers” . . . He means . . . “QUALIFIED BUYERS WILLING TO PAY CASH!” Mr. Olson instantly communicated with hundreds of buyers in his propriety database that contains thousands of potential buyers. We met with 6 qualified CPAs in the first week alone! If a buyer had only 10% or 20% for a down payment, Mr. Olson had several financing sources pre-arranged.

Our “Forced Sale Situation” Became a “Virtual Bidding War” of Offers! IMAGINE how EXCITED we were! Mr. Olson Obtained Three Written Offers for the CPA firm from three different buyers! All three offers initially had low sales prices with low cash down. Mr. Olson’s exceptional sales and negotiating techniques raised each offer up, and up, and up again. The final negotiations resulted in three offers between $230,000 and $235,000 (two of these with 80% cash)! This was a significant premium over annual billings … not a discount!

What was our advantage? Mr. Olson achieved proven results with his exceptional sales and negotiating techniques . . . with 100% of the negotiations conducted over the telephone. It is impossible to be more effective or confidential any other way! I truly believe Mr. Olson can achieve the same incredible results for you . . . in any city in the U.S. . . . New York to Los Angeles!

Note: Do you know what was most EXCITING about our third offer?

We Received 100% of the $230,000 Sales Price IN CASH AT CLOSING! This was $210,000 more cash at closing than the best deal we could get on our own . . . better yet . . . we received a sales price that was $80,000 to $105,000 higher than the maximum price range the other brokers said they were capable of obtaining! Accounting Broker Acquisition Group turned our “forced sale” into a “Maximum Value Sale”.

My mother, our attorney, and I are absolutely overjoyed! Mr. Olson abundantly exceeded our expectations with proven results! He handled his expert negotiations with the buyers in a “win-win” manner . . . with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. Mr. Olson earned a high level of respect from all of us . . . buyer and seller alike. If I had it to do over again, I would choose the abilities, expertise, and professionalism of Accounting Broker Acquisition Group over ANY “local” or “national” business broker IN THE NATION . . . PERIOD!

I urge you to call Mr. Olson whether you wish to sell your firm now or you are considering selling in the next few years . . . and please keep this letter! Let Mr. Olson provide his valuable insight on how you can position yourself for a “maximum value sale.” He will not charge you for his advice . . . the phone call is free . . . there is no obligation! I am absolutely certain he will uphold your confidentiality! Plus, I would be happy for Mr. Olson to give you my number when you call him.

He has cash buyers ready to make a purchase now! His negotiating skills will ensure that you receive maximum value when you sell your firm. But, you must move quickly . . . the “perfect buyer” for your firm could be considering someone else’s firm right now!

Please call Mr. Olson or send a quick email now: 800-419-1223 Ext. 21 (email address: Ask for the Free Report: “Will You Leave Money On the Table? Discover the 12 Irreversible Fatal Errors You Must Avoid When You Sell Your Firm!


Rebecca Richardson-Blanchard
Sister of Thomas W. Richardson, CPA, deceased
Notary Seal

If you are interested in receiving the highest possible price and maximum cash at closing for the sale of your accounting firm . . . while, at the same time, finding the right buyer for your clients . . . you have come to the right place. Selling your firm for Maximum Value is not just a slogan to Accounting Broker Acquisition Group. We achieve proven results.

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