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“Will You Leave Money On the Negotiating Table? Discover the 12 Irreversible Fatal Errors You Must Avoid When You Sell Your Accounting Firm!”

When a seller makes one of the 12 errors contained in this report . . . it is counterproductive, irreversible, and detrimental – resulting in the potential loss of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars. As a result, we consider any such error as “fatal” to the goal of maximizing value when you sell your accounting practice.

This report is not a small two-page write-up made available over the web. This report is not a marketing brochure. It contains many pages of highly useful information . . . not found anywhere else . . . and will be provided to you in a bound hard-copy format. We will send this to you through the U.S. mail at no cost or obligation to you. As a result, we request that you register below in order for us to mail the report to the proper address.

“Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales”

Read our featured article, “Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales” in the Journal of Accountancy.


Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is the only national business brokerage of its type comprised 100-percent of brokers who are CPAs with significant “Big Four” merger and acquisition experience. We have successfully represented hundreds of CPA practices for sale throughout the nation including many sole practitioners, small partnerships, and larger firms.

Despite attempts to copy our approach to selling CPA practices and even attempting to look like us online . . .

  • No competitor has comparable experience
  • No competitor has a comparable process
  • No competitor comes remotely close to our results of obtaining maximum value for our CPA practices for sale.

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Confidentiality is of paramount importance to us at Accounting Broker Acquisition Group. We will vigorously defend and uphold your confidentiality. We promise to never send you “spam” emails. We pledge to never sell your name or accounting firm information. We pledge to never discuss the sale of your accounting practice with any employee, client, or competitor. In addition, any information we may send you regarding selling an accounting practice will be contained in an envelope that does not identify who we are. The words “Personal and Confidential” will also be prominently displayed on the envelope.

If you desire for us to call your office phone number, we will disguise who we are. In addition, we will also utilize a completely separate disguised 1-800 number (different from our advertised number 1-800-419-1223) if we leave a message for you at your office. In addition, you can discover in more detail how we uphold your confidentiality by reading our Confidentiality Policy and Confidentiality Pledge in the seller’s area of our website.

The decisions you make right now . . . before you place your firm for sale . . . will determine whether you obtain your desire to receive the maximum market price possible for your accounting firm for sale . . . or something significantly less . . .

We would like to mail this report to you, so I encourage you to register to discover the strategies and techniques that can brilliantly transform the sale of your accounting practice into a maximum value sale!

Harry L. Olson, CPA
President and Founder