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We achieve goals and enable new futures for CPAs and enrolled agents. If you are considering the purchase or sale of an accounting practice, you will not find a business broker who is better able to help you. We possess the knowledge and experience that can only come from any millions of dollars of closed transactions.

Our services include:

“Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales”

Read our featured article, “Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales” in the Journal of Accountancy.


When you choose to utilize our services to promote, market, and negotiate your accounting firm for sale, we achieve proven results with our comprehensive strategies that include but are not limited to the following:

Marketing the sale of your CPA firm

We are experts in developing and implementing highly focused marketing plans and strategies that maximize value when you decide the time is right to pursue the sale of your CPA practice. We communicate and highlight the unique selling propositions that differentiate your accounting firm for sale from other accounting practices in the marketplace. These propositions can run the gamut of attributes including financial performance, competitive advantage, growth potential, processes, client base, and any other characteristics that separate you from your competition. From this, we develop a brief Blind Profile, with sufficient information for a buyer to determine interest, but insufficient to identify your accounting practice for sale.

We diligently pursue potential buyers . . . we do not rely on our website to “sell” your firm. We actively promote and market the sale of your accounting firm to our proprietary database of thousands of potential buyers. This database is the culmination and fruition of a massive market research effort to identify every potential active buyer of accounting firms in the marketplace. We heavily screen these buyers to eliminate unnecessary and unqualified “tire-kickers” in conducting the sale of your tax practice or CPA firm. If they pass muster, we have the buyers execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement before identifying your business to the buyer and before allowing them to view any specifics about your firm. Read more about our comprehensive Confidentiality Policy and Confidentiality Pledge here.

Creating competition among buyers is our goal, not just finding a single buyer for your accounting practice for sale. A buyer without competition feels he can offer less than the full value of a business. When a buyer knows several other buyers are looking at the same accounting firm for sale, they are hesitant to offer less than a fair price. We want a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller…not a one-sided deal.

Preparation of your CPA practice for sale

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is committed to working closely with you, the seller, helping you with the preparation to sell your accounting practice, as well as helping you determine the proper timing for the sale of the accounting business. We have many great ideas and strategies that will enhance the transition of the sale of your CPA firm to a new buyer.


We bring the ability to view your business through the eye of a buyer or a financial institution and frequently can offer specific guidance in ways to enhance the value of your CPA firm for sale . . . in addition to our ability to achieve “top dollar” at the negotiating table.

Getting the Deal Done

Often, the hard work begins when a buyer is ready to purchase your accounting business for sale. Just as most accountants have limited experience in the process of selling a business, buyers are frequently in the dark with respect to the myriad of issues surrounding a purchase. We facilitate negotiations between the buyer and seller and will help the parties get past any potential “deal killers” that may arise. We are prepared to suggest creative deal structures that allow a transaction to proceed that would otherwise unwind.


Once an offer is accepted for the sale of your CPA practice, Accounting Broker assists you in all areas of the pre-closing process. This may include recommendation of counsel or financial advisors, due diligence support, resolution of the many issues that can surface, and arranging accounting practice loans for up to 100-percent of the purchase price (subject to qualification).

In short, Accounting Broker Acquisition Group has a commitment to do what it takes to help the buyer and the seller achieve a successful transition and move on to a successful new future.

Please call us or register now for a free consultation to determine how you can position yourself to achieve maximum value results when you sell your accounting practice.


Let us be the catalyst to enable your new future, without leaving money on the table.

Find out what our proven ability to “Maximize Value” could mean to the sale of your practice!



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