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How can you be certain you will receive the best possible price and terms for your accounting firm for sale?

You can’t — unless you employ proven strategies with exceptional sales and negotiating skills. The ability to maximize value when you sell your accounting firm is directly related to many factors including how many legitimate and qualified buyers you can reach . . . whether you reach 100-percent of the buyers in the market place with the right message, strategy, and approach . . . the timing of the sale . . . the sales and negotiating techniques employed when your reach those buyers . . . and most importantly . . . the talent, energy, and experience of the person promoting, marketing, selling, and negotiating on your behalf.

You will not find any other business broker in the nation who is better at “maximizing value” by promoting, marketing, selling, and negotiating the sale of your accounting practice . . . Period! We have overwhelming proof in the form of hundreds of CPA sellers whom we have successfully represented with the goal of Maximizing Value. When you choose Accounting Broker to represent you . . . you are making the clear choice to “Maximize Value When You Sell Your Firm!”™

We will proactively promote and negotiate the sale of your firm with proven “Maximum Value Strategies”™. Our unparalleled guidance will deliver the right buyer, the optimum deal structure, and “Maximum Value When You Sell Your Firm”™.

You can discover an excellent example of our outstanding ability to achieve “maximum market value results” (even when others considered it to be impossible) in the notarized letter we received from Rebecca Richardson-Blanchard written on behalf of the Estate of Thomas W. Richardson, CPA.

Proven Results

When Rebecca’s brother Tom passed away, her family experienced their personal “worst case scenario” . . . a “forced” sale of the CPA firm that had been in the family for 50 years. Rebecca writes . . . “we could not even issue compilation reports . . . Tom was our only CPA . . . We were shocked . . . our 50-year-old firm was selling for pennies on the dollar!”

The attorney for the estate suggested for the Richardson’s to call Accounting Broker Acquisition Group regarding the sale of the CPA firm. Rebecca wrote these words out of heart-felt gratitude to describe the incredible results we achieved on the estate’s behalf:

“Our ‘Forced Sale Situation’ Became a ‘Virtual Bidding War’ of Offers! IMAGINE how EXCITED we were!” Accounting Broker Acquisition Group “obtained three written offers for the CPA firm from three different buyers . . . this was a significant premium over annual billings . . . not a discount.”

“We received 100% of the . . . sales price in cash at closing! This was $210,000 more cash at closing than the best deal we” (and our attorney) “could get on our own . . . better yet . . . we received a sales price that was $80,000 to $105,000 higher than the maximum price range the other brokers said they were capable of obtaining! Accounting Broker Acquisition Group turned our ‘forced sale’ into a Maximum Value Sale.”

“What was our advantage? Mr. Olson achieved proven results with his exceptional sales and negotiating techniques . . . with 100% of the negotiations conducted over the telephone. It is impossible to be more effective or confidential any other way! I truly believe Mr. Olson can achieve the same incredible results for you in any city in the U.S. . . . New York to Los Angeles!”

“Mr. Olson earned a high level of respect from all of us . . . buyer and seller alike. If I had it to do over again, I would choose the abilities, expertise, and professionalism of Accounting Broker Acquisition Group over ANY “local” or “national” business broker IN THE NATION . . . PERIOD!”

Thank you Rebecca . . . we could not have said it better ourselves! You can read Rebecca’s notarized letter to discover some of the many strategies and techniques we use to maximize value when we promote and negotiate the sale of accounting practices nationwide.

Please call us now! When you call . . . ask for the Free Report: “Will You Leave Money On the Table? Discover the 12 Irreversible Fatal Errors You Must Avoid When You Sell Your Firm! You may also register now for this free report to see how you can maximize value when you sell your accounting firm . . . or click here to email us.

We are here to offer advice and to help you whether you choose to use our services or not. Imagine this . . . if you discover only one new idea from the free report or by just talking with us . . . and that idea results in the increase of thousands of dollars when you sell your accounting firm . . . wouldn’t that one idea be worth only five minutes of your time? The phone call is free . . . there is no obligation . . .

Attempting an accounting firm sale on your own or with any approach less comprehensive than ours will most likely result in a lower selling price and less cash at closing! Please call us or register now . . . let our outstanding ability and experience in maximizing the sales of accounting practices work for you.

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