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Absolute Confidentiality Protection™

Confidentiality is an important cornerstone of our commitment to provide you with truly exceptional service when we actively promote, market, and negotiate the sale of your accounting firm. Accounting Broker Acquisition Group, Inc. is dedicated to upholding and defending your right to confidentiality and privacy when selling your accounting firm . . . starting with the very first discussion or email communication between you and our firm – even before you have chosen to utilize our services to promote, market, and negotiate the sale of your CPA practice. Please read our Confidentiality Pledge toward bottom of this page (below dividing line).

None of our numerous nationwide listings of CPA practices for sale appear on this website (or any other website). There are several good reasons for this including . . . CONFIDENTIALITY. We are absolutely obsessed with maintaining the highest level of confidentiality humanly possible when we sell an accounting practice.

“Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales”

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We are certain you would appreciate this “web-excluded” listing policy if you happen to be a “seller” who owns one of only “three CPA firms” in a small town. The marketing efforts that we perform when we sell an accounting firm typically exclude specific competitors (firms and individuals) whom our sellers would prefer to “keep in the dark” regarding a potential sale. The exclusion of our CPA firm listings from our website is deeply rooted in the knowledge that maintaining absolute confidentiality is better for both the buyer and the seller until the sale is closed, properly transitioned, and profitable for the person or entity who is buying the accounting practice.

We are fully aware that this is an entirely unique and different strategy and approach from our competitors . . . most of whom rely on “listings” appearing on their websites to do what they call “marketing” or “promoting” sales of accounting practices.

But aside from the potential lack of confidentiality, a “web-based” approach has a DISASTROUS BLIND SIDE. A web-based approach will typically result in a lower sales price when you sell your accounting practice in comparison to the methods and strategies that we employ (find out why in our free report).

Our proprietary database of accounting firm buyers is as close to 100-percent of the “entire marketplace of active and serious buyers” as is humanly possible to achieve! Our database did not result from a limited web-based approach . . . our database is the culmination and fruition of an extensive and unique market research strategy, significant hard work, and “thinking outside the box.” We supplement our extensive market research with website registrations which play a more limited role for obvious reasons.

Our proprietary database of active buyers who are looking to acquire an accounting business for sale is the most comprehensive in the industry. The Accounting Broker database contains literally thousands of potential buyers looking to purchase accounting practices of all types and sizes in absolutely every area of the country (All 50 states – Nationwide). A large number of these buyers are willing to pay cash and are ready to buy an accounting practice for sale now!

We believe our policy of excluding your information from our website is a significantly better policy for four good reasons:

  1. Including your information on our website could detrimentally breach your confidentiality and the ultimate selling price of your accounting firm . . . especially if you happen to be a seller who owns one of three CPA firms in a small town;
  2. Any information that we could otherwise place on our website without violating confidentiality would be so vague as to be useless. For instance, exactly how useful is the information “Tax firm for sale in small town in Southern California” anyway? You might ask: “How could vague information be detrimental?” We believe vague information often results in distracted focus. Accounting practice business brokers that “list” vague information on their websites about CPA practices for sale receive a significant number of inquiries from unnecessary tire-kickers who aren’t interested in your firm in the first place. These inquiries serve only to distract what should be an extreme focus on achieving the primary goal . . . finding the “right buyers” who are willing to pay maximum value for your accounting practice for sale . . . and giving you a choice regarding which of these “right buyers” is the “perfect buyer” for your clients.
  3. Even if confidentiality is maintained, a web-based approach will typically result in a lower selling price in comparison to the methods and strategies we employ (find out why in our free report).
  4. Many brokers who use a web-based approach are entirely “hands-off” to actively promoting, marketing, and negotiating the sale of your accounting firm (even though they may claim otherwise). They refer all buyers to you and only become involved in the negotiation process if you reach an impasse with the buyer. Is this any way to maximize value if you are essentially on your own unless you reach an impasse? Accounting Broker Acquisition Group actively promotes, markets, and negotiates the sale of your accounting firm with one goal in mind . . . getting the message out to all qualified and active buyers in the marketplace and maximizing the value of the sale of your practice with our exceptional and proven sales and negotiating techniques.

Please read our confidentiality pledge below.


Maximize Value While Maintaining Confidentiality Accounting Broker Acquisition Group, Inc. pledges to utilize our unique and highly focused promotional, marketing, sales, and negotiating strategies to achieve “maximum value” results on your behalf when you sell your CPA or accounting practice. We believe that confidentiality is of paramount importance to the proven strategies we employ. Any approach less focused or comprehensive could lead to failure or at best a lower selling price.

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group, Inc. pledges to uphold and defend your confidentiality. Our pledge to you includes but is not limited to the following:

  • No confidential information about your accounting firm for sale will appear on any website (see discussion on this page above for some of the specific techniques and strategies we utilize to avoid this problem);
  • We will never discuss the sale of your firm with any employee or client;
  • Any information we may send you will be contained in an envelope that does not identify who we are. In addition, the words, “Personal and Confidential” will also be prominently displayed on the envelope;
  • If we call your office phone number, we will disguise who we are. In addition, we will utilize a completely separate disguised 1-800 number (different from our advertised number 1-800-419-1223) when we leave a message for you at your office.
  • We will exclude specific firms and individuals (competitors) whom you designate as being “off-limits” to our marketing efforts in relation to your CPA firm for sale;
  • We will sensitively and carefully employ our unique marketing strategies and techniques that mask the identity of your accounting practice for sale . . . while at the same time . . . we will elicit “maximum value” interest from the most active buyers contained in our proprietary database of thousands of buyers nationwide;
  • We will keep all information related to your accounting business for sale in the strictest confidence;
  • All potential qualified buyers will be heavily screened and must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving any detailed information regarding your CPA practice for sale;
  • We require that any tax returns you provide will have the Social Security and Federal ID numbers blacked out before being provided to any buyer.;
  • We will never sell your information (including your personal name and the name and address of your accounting firm for sale);
  • You have control over how we use the information you provide about your accounting practice for sale;
  • Our computer security specialists have built state of the art security into our network of computer systems. The absolute best firewalls among other significant security measures have been established to ensure the security of our information;
  • Our offices are heavily secured and alarmed;
  • Each employee must sign a confidentiality agreement acknowledging that maintaining client confidentiality is a condition of employment with Accounting Broker Acquisition Group, Inc.

We are committed to upholding our Privacy/Confidentiality Policy.

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is committed to treating you with the greatest respect and consideration, and providing the highest level of service possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Confidentiality Policy and Confidentiality Pledge, please call us at 800-419-1223 Extension 21 or you may click here to send a quick email.

Let us show you how you can better position yourself to maximize value while maintaining the confidentiality of your accounting practice for sale.


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