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In the state of Texas, a lot of CPA practices and accounting firms are currently available for sale from the Accounting Broker Acquisition Group to all viable and interested buyers. There are two primary facets of the Accounting Broker that set us apart from our competitors and serve as one of the main reasons for choosing us to handle these transactions.

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is the only national business brokerage of its type comprised 100-percent of brokers who are CPAs with significant “Big Four” merger and acquisition experience.  We have successfully promoted and negotiated hundreds of accounting practice acquisition transactions representing hundreds of millions of dollars in cumulative value for sole practitioners, small partnerships, and larger firms. The M&A experience of our brokers is incomparable.

“Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales”

Read our featured article, “Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales” in the Journal of Accountancy.


The depth of knowledge possessed by the Accounting Broker’s staff, whether it involves an array of CPA firms for sale in Texas or a single accounting practice for sale in Texas, is unparalleled. In addition, the breadth of experience we’ve developed over time allows us to serve as an agile accounting broker in Texas who can help offer the best deals on the market. Over the years, that flexibility and our inherent sense of what works for our clients have created the word-of-mouth that’s established an impeccable legacy.

Clients of the Accounting Broker need to know one important fact. When they purchase an accounting practice for sale in Texas or decide to acquire multiple CPA firms for sale in Texas, the process to get it done will have a minimum number of roadblocks. We also make every effort, as a trusted accounting broker in Texas, to ensure that the necessary funds are made available to clients, which helps expedite the final transaction.

Financing any purchase of CPA firms for sale in Texas or perhaps a single accounting practice for sale in Texas can be beyond the financial wherewithal of a company. However, as much as 100 percent of the purchase price can be obtained from the Accounting Broker, pending the necessary qualifications, by virtue of a CPA loan firm. When you need an accounting broker in Texas, look no further than the Accounting Broker.

Whether you desire to purchase a CPA firm in Texas with dozens of employees, or you wish to purchase a tax practice owned by a sole proprietor with one employee . . . You may discover that one of our accounting firms for sale is the “perfect firm” for you. We can also help you finance your purchase with a CPA firm loan for as much as 100-percent of the purchase price (subject to qualification).

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None of our listings of CPA practices for sale appear on this website or on any other website. There are several good reasons for this including CONFIDENTIALITY. We are absolutely obsessed with maintaining the highest level of confidentiality humanly possible when we sell an accounting practice.

One of our many listings may be the “perfect firm” for you . . .

“We won’t just sell you a firm . . . we enable your new future . . . “

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