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Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is a boutique M&A accounting practice brokerage that specializes in the promotion and sale of accounting practices, CPA firms, and tax consulting businesses. Accounting Broker has managed to build a reputation as the leading merger and acquisition consulting firm in the arena of CPA practice M&A.

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is a national merger and acquisition consulting firm specializing exclusively in the promotion and sale of accounting practices, tax consulting businesses, and CPA firms. Accounting Broker is the only national business brokerage of its type comprised 100% of brokers who are CPA’s possessing significant “Big Four” M&A experience. Over the years, we have successfully promoted and negotiated hundreds of accounting practice acquisition transactions for sole practitioners, small partnerships, and larger firms.

At Accounting Broker, we have a wide network of financing sources that can result in the best cash deals for sellers and favorable loan terms for buyers. Our experienced team of brokers are able to achieve the best possible deal when it comes selling (and purchasing) local Illinois CPA firms.

“Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales”

Read our featured article, “Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales” in the Journal of Accountancy.



Why Choose Us?

More than just selling you a company, at Accounting Broker we pride ourselves in helping to turn your business dreams into a reality. On top of finding the ideal type and size firm for you, Accounting Broker can also help finance your purchase too. The loan you secure can be as much as 100% of the final sale price, depending on your individual level of qualification.

Thinking About Buying a Firm?

If you are interested in buying an accounting firm for sale in Illinois, currently we have a substantial number available on our books. Whether you’ve got your eye on a 100+ employee tax practice or maybe a sole practitioner with just a handful of employees, we have a selection of different options and promise to find the perfect fit for you. 

Thinking About Selling a Firm?

When it comes to selling an accountancy firm in Illinois, we will pinpoint the right buyer as well as negotiate the best price and terms possible. As always, we do this with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. In fact, we guarantee the sale of your accounting firm will be met with maximum value results. 

The Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more about professional accounting sales, contact Accounting Broker today. We have all of the latest updates concerning accounting brokers in Illinois and a list of companies available for sale. Once you have signed our confidentiality agreement, we will provide you with preliminary information about one or more CPA firms for sale in Illinois, and include all relevant financial data.

If you do decide to purchase, Accounting Broker can also assist you by providing sample agreements/letters of intent, providing assistance in securing SBA or conventional financing commitments, discussing various deal structure options, in addition to addressing any questions you may have about the transition process.

Please take note:

None of our Illinois firm listings will ever appear on Accounting Broker’s website or on any other website for that matter. We understand just how crucial confidentiality is for both the buyer and the seller.

We will happily assist you throughout the entire process and, as always, promise to find you the ideal firm that’s the right for you. Let us enable your future! 

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None of our listings of CPA practices for sale appear on this website or on any other website. There are several good reasons for this including CONFIDENTIALITY. We are absolutely obsessed with maintaining the highest level of confidentiality humanly possible when we sell an accounting practice.

One of our many listings may be the “perfect firm” for you . . .

“We won’t just sell you a firm . . . we enable your new future . . . “

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