Selling A Financial Planning Business with CPA Firm

Many CPAs offer financial planning and investment services. CPAs often enter this business segment as a result of client requests, personal interest in the field, and the desire for an additional year-round revenue stream. Estate and retirement planning, investments, budgeting and cash flow management all require specialized knowledge and certifications. It can take many years to build a successful CPA firm with a financial planning practice.

So if the owner of a CPA firm with a financial planning business decides to sell his CPA practice, should he just sell the CPA part of the business? Or sell both businesses, together or apart?

It depends on the seller’s needs and desires.

At Accounting Broker Acquisition Group, we support any of those options. We help tailor the deal to fit the seller’s needs.

Some owners of CPA firms are ready to sell both businesses and fully retire. Others want to sell the CPA business and still work but with fewer hours. They do this by retaining the financial planning section of their practice.

No Surprises

The important thing is to decide upfront whether or not your financial planning business is for sale. This will affect which buyers can be candidates to buy your firm. Some buyers already perform financial planning services, and want to be able to continue to offer such services to the clients of the acquired firm. These buyers would not consider buying your CPA practice if you are retaining the financial planning business. Other buyers are not remotely interested in financial planning, and would not want to buy your practice if they would be expected to continue to offer these services. You must decide at the beginning of the process, and the direction must be clear throughout to avoid surprises, misunderstandings, and wasted time. Your goals and desires will control the process as well as which type of purchaser is brought to the table.


Knowing whether or not the financial planning business is part of the sale influences how we approach buyers. If a firm is selling its financial planning business, the buyer must have the appropriate licenses and credentials to offer financial planning services, and we have to seek out those qualified buyers.

Just as you’d want a CPA to buy your CPA firm, an experienced, reliable financial planner should buy your financial planning business.

Valuation Differences

A financial planning business has different valuation dynamics to consider compared to a traditional CPA business. These valuation differences can vary depending on the type of business (such as fee based vs commission), number of clients, fees generated per client, assets under management, etc. At Accounting Broker Acquisition Group, we can help you determine the value of the financial planning part of your practice and help you achieve the highest price and best terms when you sell.

The Accounting Broker Difference

It always helps to have somebody promoting and negotiating on your behalf. We are the best negotiators in the business, and understand CPA firms and financial planning businesses inside and out. What makes us stand out from our competitors? Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is the only national business brokerage of its type comprised 100-percent of brokers who are CPAs with significant “Big Four” merger and acquisition experience. We’ll maximize the price, cash, and terms you get for your CPA firm – with or without financial planning services.

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