CPA Specialist Broker vs General Business Brokers

Not all business brokers are equally equipped. A general business brokerage works in many different industries and sells virtually any type of business. Generalist brokers tend to have a shallow understanding of many businesses and types of buyers, allowing them to quickly shift gears for each client.

Specialist business brokers have deep knowledge of a single industry or specialty. They know the ins and outs of a particularly industry better than any generalist.

Accounting Broker Acquisition group is laser-focused exclusively on CPA firms. If you’re selling a retail shop, restaurant or movie theater, we’re not for you. But if you’re selling a successful CPA practice, we have the best contacts and track record in your industry.

Take this short quiz to examine a few common misconceptions people often have about business brokers.


True or False: I’m better off using a local business broker because he knows my local market better than a broker in a different city.

False. A specialist broker like Accounting Broker Acquisition Group has a massive database of CPA buyers both in your local area and nationally. Buyer contacts and industry expertise are much more important factors than general business factors in the local market.

True or False: A general business broker, especially one that is part of a national franchise network, has many more financing sources available to buyers, meaning more successful financing transactions.

False. Accounting Broker Acquisition Group works with lenders who are extremely familiar with CPA firm purchase transactions. We know the ins and outs of SBA loans, conventional financing, and how to structure deals to maximize value to the seller at closing. Knowing and understanding CPA firms and CPA buyers leads to faster approvals, faster underwriting, and faster closings, and often better terms for buyers. In fact, Accounting Broker Acquisition Group has lenders that have custom tailored loan programs specifically for us.

True or False: As a broker specializing in selling CPA firms, Accounting Broker Acquisition Group can bring many more qualified CPA firm buyers to the table than a general business broker.

True. Accounting Broker’s massive database contains tens of thousands of prospective buyers looking to purchase CPA firms — not retailing, manufacturing or food service businesses. As a result, we can pinpoint the most appropriate buyer, one who will work hard to keep your clients happy and continue building on the business you’ve spent years building.

True or False: My local general business broker has sold a couple of CPA firms in the past, so they should have plenty of expertise to sell my CPA practice.

False. The environment for sales of CPA practices is constantly changing. Accounting Broker Acquisition Group focuses exclusively on CPA practice sales, so we stay current on emerging developments, trends, lending requirements, and the ever-changing market conditions within the CPA firm industry. A general business broker with some limited experience in CPA firm sales might do an okay job of finding you a buyer. But Accounting Brokers will absolutely maximize value when you sell your firm.

True or False: Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is the best broker to help me sell my CPA practice to get the best price and terms possible.


Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is the only national business brokerage of its type comprised 100-percent of brokers who are CPAs with significant “Big Four” merger and acquisition experience. Contact us today to experience the difference a specialist broker makes.


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