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Accounting Practice Sales

Accounting Broker Acquisition Group is a boutique M&A accounting practice brokerage nationally recognized as the choice for one of the market’s most critical and lucrative transitions: accounting practice sales.

Whether you’re a sole practitioner, small partnership, or large firm, selling your accounting practice for maximum value is our top priority. As Ex-Big Four CPAs who possess decades of merger and acquisition experience, we leverage our know-how to source just the right buyer, allowing us to command the highest sales prices and cash at closing amounts in the marketplace.

“Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales”

Read our featured article, “Maximize Proceeds In Accounting Firm Sales” in the Journal of Accountancy.


The accounting practice sales process all starts with finding the right fit to buy your firm. We first focus our efforts on marketing your practice to the largest possible buyer pool. With a massive database of legitimate qualified buyers at our disposal, we spread the word wide in the most confidential manner possible . . . then cull the list and present you only the top candidates that meet your specific seller criteria.

From generalist accounting firms to specialty niche markets, our accounting practice sales process hinges on bringing your accounting firm, tax consulting business, or CPA practice, a list of curated competitors willing to compete for your practice. Next, we use our highly-developed marketing and negotiating methods to get the maximum market value possible, with the most cash at closing.

As the only national business brokerage comprised of accounting practice brokers who are 100-percent CPAs with significant Big Four M&A experience, we create the ideal conditions to support only the best possible deal structures, all without unnecessary stress.

Don’t waste time planning the transition. Focus on your practice while we put our skills to work for you!

Are you ready to maximize the value of your accounting practice? Let Accounting Broker Acquisition Group do what we do best: accounting practice sales. We’ll provide the analytical skill and objectivity needed to negotiate and structure deals that translate into maximum market value for your CPA practice.


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